Cat Stevens “The Wind” How to Play On Acoustic Guitar – Guitar lesson, Fingerstyle, Finger Picking

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how to play Cat Stevens “The Wind” How to Play On Acoustic Guitar – Guitar lesson, Fingerstyle, Finger Picking tutoria


  1. Marty I must say … I look for different songs that I like, and different ways to play those songs, and you always pop-up. I've been aware of you for some time, and subscribed to you along time ago. (5 yrs. or so) but i never caught up with your technique. But must be getting just a little bit better, …because i can just about duplicate what you trying teach, after a few tries. I still got a long way to go, but i'm looking forward of sending you a video of me playing, but that's a long way down the line, thanks for being online, you are one of dah best

  2. One question, where can I find the cactus shirt at?

  3. I would love it if you did a part two to this, but this was pretty helpful

  4. where's the rest of this song at?

  5. Christoffer Magnusson

    Part two!

  6. perfect video!!! Thanks so much!

  7. Hey Marty,
    Any chance you could make a playlist of all your finger picking tutorials? They can be a bit hard to find.
    Thanks man, keep up the good work!

  8. Dude you're killing me by not posting the second half. Actually, all the other tutorials are killing me b/c they aren't as good. Please finish.

  9. part 2 plzzzzz :D

  10. That was great, thanks

  11. That was great Marty. Wonderful tutorial and a song I always loved.

  12. Nice shirt. Thanks for the lesson.

  13. Great tutorial, you are best teacher man. Thank you for it ^^

  14. Brilliant! When is part 2 going to be up?

  15. haha i clicked on this thinking it wasnt a martyzsongs vid. I was like, "man I wish marty had a vid on this song. Oh well I guess I'll just do this first one." Lo and behold its marty! Thanks as always marty!

  16. Very helpful. Thank you. Learnt it when the video came out. Still waiting for the second part. Hope it comes out soon. 

  17. Part2?

  18. Thank you so much for this tutorial!  I am pretty new to playing guitar, and have attempted to learn how to fingerpick this song so many times, but to no avail.  Your video was so incredibly helpful…and now I can play it!  You did a great job breaking it down and explaining everything.  

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