Cat Stevens Trouble – THROWBACK Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

Hey guys! Marty here with another throwback guitar lesson and tutorial! Today, we’re going over how to play Trouble by Cat Stevens, who was one of my favorite artists growing up. I’ll go over the barre chords used in the song and the strumming pattern in the verse and chorus, and by the time the tutorial’s over, you shouldn’t have any TROUBLE playing the song on your acoustic guitar. Enjoy!

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  1. Hey can you do on my own by Austin Moon(Ross Lynch)

  2. Hey Marty, just an idea to get your vids to 10 minutes why don’t you play the entire song at the end purely so that you get #ads

  3. you should do sure know something by kiss unplugged version

  4. Marty, I know that you already did a lesson on “Dream On,” but if you could do a lesson on the guitar solo that we hear in the end of the version that Eminem sampled for “Sing for the Moment,” then that would be awesome! Thanks!

  5. Florian Niebauer

    Great choice!

  6. Do buckethead soothsayer

  7. Can you play the intro to driving wheels by Jimmie barns

  8. Yo marty you’re awesome and all but I’m gonna need an explanation on what happened with the PRS giveaway? American musical supply never even posted anything about it at all, and there’s been no follow up on who won. I’m convinced as of now the whole thing was a scam for AMS to get more followers

  9. Maluca Sensacional

    Hi Marty, always nice to hear your guitar tutorials. Your entonation for better memorization is very funny, and useful

  10. The Bilbo Baggins


  11. You listened! Keep the acoustic songs coming?

  12. Eagles of death metal open g version sounds great too

  13. MichaelJordan 23

    Could you do hey there delilah?

  14. For anyone who likes this song and wants to learn a really nice arrangement of it, Eric Haugen has a lesson on his channel. For more intermediate players it would complement Marty's lesson very well.

  15. Hey Marty! Can you do “Mama Tried” on acoustic . Great classic

  16. Laylows Potatoes

    Marty we need a Hotel California solo tutorial and we needed it yesterday.

  17. hey marty could you do "and i love her" by kurt cobain/beatles

  18. Hey pal i just wanted to ask if you could make a tutorial on how to play dire straits walk of life if your reading this then thank you and i love your chanle your the only youtuber who i watch for help with my guitar

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