Bass Guitar Lesson

Do You Need Big Hands To Play Bass Guitar?

► Visit Talkingbass Lesson Map For Hundreds More Bass Guitar Lessons: This week I’m answering the question “Do You Need Big Hands To Play Bass Guitar?”. In short, the obvious answer is…no. But I’m going to expand on this and explain how you can adapt your playing to compensate for a lack of natural hand size and maximize your ...

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Chords on Bass Guitar | Tutorial

Gear used: We use Triad Orbit stands for our videos: What, why, when, where and how to use chords on bass – as it isn’t the same approach as on guitar – Russell’s got you covered! Interesting bits and pieces: 0:09 Introduction 0:20 Bass for today 0:53 What do you have to do to change the chordal structure ...

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How To Read Music On Bass Guitar – Lesson 1

This lesson gives an introduction to the basics of reading music on bass guitar. Many players find difficulties in getting started with reading music because they try reading lines at the level of their overall playing. The key is to start reading music with the absolute basics. Reading pitch and rhythm in isolation and reading 2 or 3 notes on ...

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