Melody Guitar Lesson

Guitar Lesson – TITANIC Theme as a Chord Melody – With Printable Tabs

**TABS FOR THIS LESSON: I’ve arranged the theme from Titanic into a beautiful chord melody! Guitar lesson with step by step method with easy to follow tabs in the video. TABS for this lesson available on my guitar lesson website: Facebook: E——–0—-2—–2—-0————-5———-2p0— B—3———3—–3———3—-5———————- G————-2—–2—————2———————- D————-0—–0—————2———————- A————————————-0——–0———— E————————————————————- E———————————————0—- B—3p0————–0—————-3——— G—0————0———-2——————– D—0————————2——————– A—2————————0—–0————- E—3——-3————————————- E——–0—-2—–2—-0————-5———-5–7— B—3———3—–3———3—-5———————- G————-2—–2—————2———————- D————-0—–0—————2———————- ...

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G Major Melody Acoustic Guitar Lesson

Check out and for more amazing guitar lessons. This guitar lesson teaches an acoustic guitar melody using all the notes of the G major scale played against an open g string.

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