Cats In The Cradle Acoustic Guitar – Harry Chapin – Free Lesson Chords & Lyrics Sheet

Free chord sheet here …

Demo starts at 6:22
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  1. Sounded great. Thanks

  2. Elstan McFrolicker

    Scientist should compare your DNA with other great musicians and find out what is it that makes some people so musically inclined while others like me can't play a Playschool Xylophone.

  3. Harmonica like quality with the capo!

  4. Thank you Kirby. Well done!

  5. Nice cover/lesson. That one hits home as a son and a father with a son.

  6. great tune kirb!!

  7. your the man

  8. Love this song! As usual very informative and entertaining! Hugs!

  9. & yet another good one Kirb !

  10. Awesome, awesome job again Kirby! Love this tune. I never had the chance to see Harry in concert. But back in October 1981, my wife and I saw his brother Tom Chapin in concert. He opened for Air Supply at the infamous Cincinnati Music Hall. He played all of his late brother's songs. And because he was his brother, he was a superb ringer. Meaning, he sounded just like him. Had there been a curtain in front of Tom, you'd have sworn that Harry was still alive and playing. Both Tom and Air Supply were fantastic. My wife was 8+ months pregnant with our first child. She was born in early November. We tease her and ask her if she remembers being there and hearing both acts play. Thanks again for sharing your talents and showing us how it's done! Stay safe my friend. Awaiting your next video with eagerness.

  11. That's getting into the part of a neck that just agree very much with my ole stubby sausage fingers lol. Fantastic tune and great tutorial. Thanks, brother Kirby for taking your time to share your awesome covers. Cheers!

  12. Kirbys the bomb. Subscribe now. Even if it's just to see the pictures he puts up in the back not to mention the scores of free lessons. Your the best Kirby!

  13. another great tutorial Kirby…..

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