Cavatina (Original Version) – Guitar Lesson + TAB

Cavatina (Original Version) - Guitar Lesson + TAB

Tutorial + TAB (Slow Version) 03:53
Due to copyright issue, We cannot provide PDF download.
Please see TAB on the video.

EASY version

Guitar (Classical / Fingerstyle) Tutorial – Level 4
How to play Cavatina (Original Version)

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  1. Who gave this a thumbs down? 🙁

  2. The tone is wonderfully played !
    Wonder to see some of your tremolos, like Recuerdos de la Alhambra !
    Thanks for the tutorial, glad i found your channel !

  3. Have you considered arranging a Joe Hisaishi piece for guitar? 🙂

  4. Who are you? This kindness and willingness to share freely what would normally cost an eye and a leg…
    It seems at first it's too good to be true, but after following a couple of your video tutorials I can see you are legit and you are a great player. Nice guitar and magnificent tone control. Thanks for this video.
    Curious to know what guitar you play.

  5. Such high quality videos, your work is helping me a lot learning songs I previously struggled to tackle, thank you and keep it up! If you could make an arrangement for "Je te veux" by Erik Satie it would be amazing, I really like the song but the current arrangements I could find are a bit too challenging for me

  6. Playing Asturias tutorial please im from turkey <3

  7. Hello. A very good tutorial on this composition. But my fingers can still not bend so well. I would like to ask you can make a tutorial on the easy version of cavatina. I have several options for the light version. if necessary, I can share them.

  8. Concerto de aranjuez please

  9. please play no volvre gypsy king

  10. I wonder how long will your channel be free? 🙂
    Will you start hiding the videos one day and make it only for paying members like other channels?

  11. THANKS !!!

  12. Can you do a tutorial of un amico by Ennio Morricone

  13. oh!!! Brillitant playing girl

  14. Clair de lune my Friend pls or theme of mia e Sebastian !!!!
    Is very beatifull
    Great video

  15. Sueño en las nubes viento mágico aire de paz máster

  16. Absolutely beautiful and nostalgic!

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