CCR – Bad Moon Rising – Easy Beginner Song – Acoustic Guitar Lesson

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  1. Thanks Marty, You are very easy to follow. I have only just begun. I still have the eye to hand coordination issue, but your lessons give me the confidence and time to get it. Plus we have the same last name which is cool.

  2. Tshoganetso Baliki

    this a very good teacher

  3. Can't thank you enough man, Rock On

  4. Moogly De Laselva

    I started guitar from zero (obviously) and never took any music class. So 90% of what I learn comes from YOU.

    You are the only dude/teacher I have the patience to listen to online cuz:

    1- You keep it simple and Im musically retarded.

    2- Your vibe on video is juste fun to watch and listen to. (like when you cut off topic for personal story for a couple second hahaha nice… Keep it real and fun !)

    Thanx !

  5. SmartStun Stun Guns


  6. Thanks Marty, real easy 5 minute learning these kind of songs!

  7. Thats for you help….

  8. Hey man thanks for all the stuff u do, I haven't reall found any one that can just explain this so simple as u do and stay on topic. I have learned 3 song from just in one day


  10. You are an amazing one of a kind teacher by your clear explanation . Thank you Marty

  11. Love this Marty..Thanks…would love to Win the Bundle pack..

  12. Heather Steele

    You are a great teacher amongst all I've viewed on YouTube,,, I am a beginner and will be watching all your videos! Thank for all your guidiance. Heather

  13. thank you ! , this is really helpfull , I was stuck for a long time but now I'm finally going forward again!!!!!

  14. Maybe to late now to win that prize…

  15. slowly working my way thru this tune , u make it fun to handle as a beginner ,thx Marty

  16. ive been using this channel since i first started playing guitar sadly work has stopped me playing for a few years but i recently just took it up again. highly recommend anyone who is starting out to use this channel!!!

  17. i need that beginners bundle please

  18. great beginner stuff

  19. like your stuff and all southern rock music I have 4 guitars Peavey Nitro Fender Telecaster and Fender Acustic also Epiphone 12 string
    Roland in Fla

  20. You'd be such a great guy to knock back a couple brews and jam with.

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