CCR Fortunate Son Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

Hey guys! Marty here again from MartyMusic! Here’s a new Creedence Clearwater Revival guitar lesson for Fortunate Son! Please enjoy and see you guys soon!

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  1. Hey guys thanks for supporting MartyMusic! Also Free Multi-Hour HD courses when you sign my newsletter at

  2. Thanks! I'll play this in my Vietnamese friend's birthday.

  3. When the sky starts talkin

  4. It's NOT open G either

  5. Except the tuning is actually whole step down.tune low E to D then everything else whole step down.


  7. Love the smell of napalm in the morning


  9. Fićo the Croatian Rocker

    Thanks for the lesson!
    I just covered it, I used wah and distortion to make it sound different
    Here's the link y'all

  10. They talk about Vietnam vets having ptsd…I’m pretty sure my grandpa gave the Vietnamese ptsd

  11. Time to go to Vietnam.

  12. May the Schwartz be with you

  13. Love this song! Just did a guitar cover on my channel –

  14. who ready for wwiii

  15. Faceless Soldier101

    ngl you remind me of jack black

  16. Hope y'all are here getting ready for WW3

  17. This will come in handy when World War 3 starts

  18. Ah yes finally

  19. The war rages on in Vietnam. Youre a young American soldier, surrounded by Vietnamese, preparing yourself to die. Suddenly, over the deafening noise of gunfire and helicopters, Marty Schwartz plays fortunate son. The Vietnamese, terrified, run away. SOME FOLKS ARE BORN, MAAAADE TO WAVE THE FLAG…

  20. could you please make a video of how to play sweet home chicago/ the solo by eric clapton?

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