CCR – Suzie Q – Rock and Blues Guitar Lesson – How to Play on Guitar – Creedance Clearwater Revival

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  1. AS ALWAYS. Good stuff. Well Done

  2. I love the pickguard on your SG. I have been playing that song for years with many different band. Simple but very effective bluesy riff. Gotta love that swampy CCR stuff

  3. This is the first song I learned on guitar.

  4. I thought you use hybrid picking in the main lick

  5. Merci !!!

  6. thank you very much!

  7. You make it look so simple Marty thanks

  8. Do you use Duncan's? I never owned one in my 33 years….

  9. This is when this nigga was young good god

  10. Yeah! Many thanks.

  11. Gracias hermano ! Excelente lección

  12. Gracias amigo, muy buena lección !! Excelente…

  13. Thank sir!

  14. I learned this in about 5 mins!!!

  15. Thanks so much for the lesson! Very clear and easy to follow. Perfect!

  16. Кирилл Попов

    Спасибо огромное, счастья тебе и бабу хорошую.

  17. After like learning the opening lick and the chords I was improvising like a fiend around the E7 on the 5th fret! Super duper lesson young man your owed all the success that comes your way! 3 cheers and a beer for Marty! U da man!!

  18. hello thanks for everything .marty can you please do a tutorial on graveyard train of ccr? thnx

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