Change Electric Guitar Strings #2of2 (Guitar Lesson TB-003) How to play

Change Electric Guitar Strings #2of2 (Guitar Lesson TB-003) How to play

Learn how to change your electric guitar strings the pro way with Justin Sandercoe. This Section Covers The Basics.

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  1. I think I saw this video 10 years ago when I was just learning. This technique has stuck with me since. A lot of your videos really helped form my style and muscle memories. Thank you so much, Justin. You're my hero and I'm happy to call myself a student of yours even though we've never met. Cheers.

  2. Thank you Justin for sharing.My friend shared your video with me.Now I can replace my guitar strings properly.Thank you again.

  3. Southern .guitarist

    Though I never stretched the stings 0.o

  4. Southern .guitarist

    Use to be able to do this as a beginner though my trick was different I always use to cut the string by extending my new strings past 2 pegs and cut it but as for the slack and the way you hold the string that is pretty accurate because first time I did it I had the string go everywhere lol eventually I got it right

  5. I never mentioned hybrid picking. I said finger picking and using a pick as in two different things, not doing both simultaneously. Hybrid picking is a different story.

  6. fuuuuuuuuuuaack…i forgot the elbow…so the string broke into the guitar when i was stretching it. dont forget the elbow guys..

  7. Gr8 it was a good leason on how to change stringes thanks plz upload more love it

  8. IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure you leave enough space on the post for additional winding (the string will stretch AFTER you initially tune it)
    (Especially the fattest strings 6 and 5)
    Personally I only like 2-3 (under) winds around the post. Then I have plenty of room for the string to break in and stretch – which will ultimately leave me with 3-4 or 5 winds around the post.

  9. +1 Yup. Excellent "helper" for Hybrid picking (picked with fingerstyle at the same time) πŸ™‚

  10. Do you use glass clean to clean all the guitar or only the fretboard?

  11. the reason y im watching this is bc i got a guitar for christmas and i just play random notes like its nothing at all but i am able to do the beginning to smoke on the water! So ya!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I agree very much with the removing them all of at once, whenever you feel like cleaning the fingerboard or frets. In fact, I've seen very experienced people cut strings off from full tension- no loosening. I think that's a bit extreme, but the moral of the story is: you can take all strings off for no worries, so long as it is not long that for several weeks, guitars are often shipped without strings.

  13. One thing forgotten! If you want to be slightly more in tune, then play the string like you would normally play it. Meaning if you use a pick to play, use a pick to tune with. If you hit hard when you play, hit hard when you tune. If you play standing up, tune standing up (due to gravity). Hitting a string harder and having it more horizontally makes it go sharper, so you have to replicate how you would normally play.

  14. i found this video unhelpful because he made it sound very cpomples but turned out to be very simple, did give me a RUFF idea

  15. I think I might post a video on how to do this. I just copy's method I found after searching through YouTube like infinitively. Except I try to refrain from loosening the string tension

  16. I like to run the pick parallel to the neck and stretch out the string from underneath bending it up until eventually it stays in tune , i do this for the whole length of the neck a few times and it seems to be a good way to stretch out the string

  17. I luv the tutorial….problem is that my new B string broke in the middle of the replacement so I know have to spend more money!!!!

  18. Thanks Mate helped me so much!

  19. really floyd roses arent that bad and if u got locking nut they never go out of tune ive not had to tune mine for mouths at time and there really fun to fuck around with lol but they take a whille to tune because of sping and sting tinchin evening out but ya i love them but if u play drop d and stuff ether have a more one guitar or a one with a soled brige that u can chaing around and keep u floyed rose in ur fav tuning

  20. Okay thanks!
    I'm going to buy a set D'Addario's now. πŸ˜€

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