Charlie Puth – We Don't Talk Anymore Acoustic Guitar Lesson 🎸

How to play charlie put we don’t talk anymore. Easy beginner lesson with chords and strumming.

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Guitar: Faith – Eclipse Capo – G7th Celtic Golden Capo
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  2. I use my thumb for base notes from the Low E string
    I'm able to play much harder chords because of that.
    It's not traditional but some of the best guitarist in the world play that way! So if your having trouble hitting a chord, try using your thumb!

  3. Great lesson!

  4. I got all the chords right but playing this repetetively hurts my wrist. You really gotta bring your A game when playing this. Its beautiful tho.

  5. Thanks brother for giving tutorial of my favourite song

  6. I fucking suck fuck guitar ima smoke crack instead

  7. i wanna watch your right hand

  8. Happyjelly Bean

    My fingers hurt help….


  9. Richard Cepeda

    I wanted to see you slap it…. for research

  10. abdallah rechache

    This guy is really good ❤️

  11. You have a nice voice

  12. Shubham Parmar

    Bro u are amazing!

  13. 망개떡박침이

    is that you ed???

  14. his voice really is like ED SHEERAN if y'all listen properly

  15. Great and cool way to explain and teach ! Love your channel ☄

  16. great tutorial im a complete beginner
    gonna learn this today

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