Cher/DMA’S-Believe-Acoustic Guitar Lesson.

Cher/DMA’S-Believe-Acoustic Guitar Lesson.

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  1. It’s absolutely ridiculous that you don’t have a much much bigger following on here! Your lessons are flawless, you are exceptionally talented and seem like a very nice guy. Keep up the good work, I advise anyone interested in learning the guitar, to check you out!

  2. Can you please do delete by the dmas great lesson

  3. Brilliant. Going to see them in Glasgow. Can't wait.
    To you produce chord sheets for these tutorials too ?

  4. Toby Ashley-Collins

    Unreal! Delete next please

  5. The DMAs are great, great lesson Wayne

  6. Brilliant lesson,thanks brother…

  7. There are so many DMAs tunes both albums , you should do more of them man , morphine so we know , too soon all class !! I’d look forward to you doing those !
    Great lesson

  8. Quality lesson!

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