Chop Suey System Of A Down Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

WAKE UP! It’s time to learn a highly requested guitar lesson, Chop Suey by System Of A Down! I’ll go over the drop C tuning, the acoustic guitar intro, and the bar chords, and riffs played throughout the song on electric guitar. I’ll also break down the palm muting and strumming patterns! Hope you enjoy today’s video, and let’s rock out!

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  1. please teach Aerials 🙂

  2. That's pure Awesomeness!!

  3. please do Welcome to the black parade by my chemical romance!

  4. I wonder what Marty’s beard smells like. I think it smells like bubble gum.

  5. GaragebandandBeyond

    Awesome sauce!

  6. Can u do some more Radiohead stuff pls

  7. Awesome! More like this please!

  8. declan mc cormack

    Beginner shred with practice thanks, it would be sweet if you do a lesson on John Fahey Sligo river blues no one really has a solid lesson on this song thanks for the music

  9. Can you do lady picture show stone temple pilots

  10. Can you do warrant I saw red

  11. Hey Marty, Lindsey Buckingham’s performance of Big Love would be a wicked lesson!

  12. Hey man — any chance you could do The Last Time or I Need My Girl by The National? Thanks!

  13. confusius says 3 people go searching on youtube one of them is my teacher marty

  14. Can you make a video on how to play dream a little dream of me ?

  15. Day that never comes lesson please marty

  16. you for got to show us what the ring finger is doing

  17. Okay so now maybe ATWA

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