Chord Melody Guitar Lesson – Easy Tips on How to Get the Melody Out of Chords – Chord Melody Guitar Lesson – Easy Tips on How to Get the Melody Out of Chords

As a guitarist, you’re always looking for ways to understand both harmony and melody. In simple terms, harmony is the notes you play simultaneously, as in chords, and the melody is the notes you play one after the other, consecutively, as you do with licks and solos. This chord melody guitar lesson takes both harmony and melody into account and shows you how to draw a melody out of the chords.

Morgan begins by playing a simple open position G major chord followed by a G major scale in the same position. The scale, of course, contains all the notes that can safely be played over the G major. In this lesson, Morgan literally shows you how to continue playing the G major chord while adding each of the notes of the G major scale over the top of the chord.

Chord melody guitar playing is a useful technique, particularly if you are playing solo guitar and want to develop a full sound that doesn’t involve simply strumming chords. You don’t need to look for specific melody chords for guitar to accomplish this. The method of extracting a melody from a guitar chord shown in this chord melody guitar lesson can be applied to any chord.

There are a lot of melody guitar tabs available you can use as well. These charts will show a melody tabbed out with chords over them. By taking a look at the tabs and chords, you can see the notes of the chords are the notes that form the melody of the song.

This chord melody guitar lesson is a great lesson to master because it can not only help you better understand how harmony and melody work together, it gives you the skills you need for putting chords to a melody or improvising a solo over any given progression of chords.

Creating melodies on guitar or creating chord progressions to accompany melodies on guitar should be worked on together. Melody and harmony are two of the fundamentals of music, and alongside rhythm, they are the building blocks of great guitar playing.

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