Chords ( C-Am-G) and Melody Guitar Lesson by Siggi Mertens

My favourite acoustic guitar style
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  1. Hello Siggi, I have been watching your video but somehow can't
    follow the proper tune???? Is it possible please to have the
    Tabs or buy it.
    I really would like to learn your style of playing. Many thanks, lina

  2. Siggi Thanks for the lesson .. that's huge . im new been playing 2 years, but I work 11 hours a day. practice is hard, and progress is slow. I really enjoyed that. Thank you.

  3. Sick…. I like it

  4. I like it!!!!!

  5. Grateful to have stumbled upon your video here! This is exactly what I need to start learning more about. I have taught myself how to play rhythm over the past few years, but really know nothing about picking or runs. Definitely subscribing, please keep the lessons coming. Especially for country music!

  6. I've downloaded all the videos of your's and and found alot new things to learn so i'm very thankful to you. I'd like to ask how much it has passed since you're playing guitar? Have you been trained in any music college? Is it necessary to get in music college to be a good musician? Please reply I'm curious to know..

  7. hey siggi! you just plucked the notes and i felt i'm still alive.. thanks a lot man.. 🙂

  8. Great lesson thanks

  9. Very nice lesson. Thank you!

  10. Xcuzeme sir which song you play can you tell me please ?

  11. awsome man i loved it it helped me a lot


  13. i keep coming back to learn more from siggi,im from alabama and we are learning new structure and lessons from siggi,thanks

  14. 20 bucks to everyone who only clicked this to hear him talk lol

  15. Ich find es einfach super, wie Du es erklärst.
    Ich würde mich zu tode freuen, wenn Du ein Video machen könntest, wo Du genauer erklärst, wie man zwischen Akkordanschlägen eine Melodie zupft/spielt.
    Ich hoffe Du verstehst meine Frage ^.^

  16. I love you. Subbed.

  17. Siggi thanks for your great contribution . I am wondering how you work out which pentatonic scale to use with the various chords. for example if you are using a 1-4-5 progression in c what pentatonic scales should I use in ahead of the chord change.
    Do you have any videos on some of the bob dylan songs/

  18. very nice lesson Siggi Thx alot 🙂 Can you do more video in the same style??

  19. This is a good video lesson… keep posting this kind of stuff dude!!!! 🙂

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