Chris Stapleton “Broken Halos” Guitar Lesson – Super Easy Acoustic Songs

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Hey guys! Marty here again with “MartyMusic”!
Here’s a new easy lesson today, Chris Stapleton’s “Broken Halos”

Thanks again,
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  1. Thanks for watching! I want to give you some HD courses for signing my newsletter at

  2. JimmyDean Gaming

    hey i dont quite understand the chords do you think you could clarify how to do the chords also?

  3. For the bridge, in the song (and how I play it) is I go from Bm, G, Bm, then regular C while lifting my middle finger off at the intervals where you can hear it lift off in the song

  4. Marty your awsome buddy! I tought myself how to play from youtube "That says alot LOL!" Anyways, I learned alot by watching your videos and i wanna say thanks bro!! Theres a Guitar solo that comes from the late and great tupac shakur well he doesnt play it but its awsome and its called "REDEMTPTION" Id love to be able to play it it seems hard but probably not for you!! Please check it out , I ve been with you pretty much from the begining and itd mean alot if youd check it out. Again, You helped me out alot when i first started playing thanks for that!! Keep making videos and try to check "REDEMPTION" Out! Thanks!!!

  5. Awesome video love the direction given

  6. Such a great song, thanks for showing me how to play it.

  7. Marty, what is that song that plays on the way out of your videos? I dig the groove. Just wondering. Thanks for the videos.

  8. SellingFullBlast

    Marty my wife hates you for getting me fired up about playing after a 20 year break!

  9. Love your lessons Marty
    If you would play the entire song at the end of the lesson it would help with understanding the progression immensely

  10. Janeth Alvarado

    Great work, easy to follow as a beginner ! Thanks for breaking it down.

  11. HEY Marty, you think if you get around to doing another chris stapleton song you can try death row? Beginning sounds cool as hell! Even little lick here and theres sounds great! Theres only one video trying to teach it and its not easy to learn it at all cuz u just have to follow the notes instead of talking. You would make it easy and fun! Thanks marty rock on oh and I hope im one of your 4 comments you pick to win wink wink lol

  12. Forrest Cornell

    Marty! This is awesome, this really is the best way to learn, thank you!

  13. Will you do a tutorial to Scarecrow in the Garden by Chris Stapleton

  14. What’s the strumming pattern

  15. PLEASE do "Might as Well Get Stoned". Fun song that doesn't sound too difficult

  16. Hey Marty! You should get some Brad Paisley goin on your telecaster. Any one is great because he has great licks in all his songs

  17. Thanks Marty for putting this up here. I just started playing guitar three months ago, and you and Justin have been great teachers.

  18. Michael Miller Jr

    strum pattern at 2:40

  19. Sergeant Mudgett

    Your lesson are very helpful

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