Chris Stapleton – I Was Wrong – Guitar Lesson

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Hey guys, Marty here again from my home “MartyMusic”! Here’s a song lesson for Chris Stapleton “I Was Wrong”, hope you enjoy and thanks again for supporting MartyMusic.

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  1. Thanks for watching, leave your requests in the comments below! Also free Multi-Hour HD courses when you sign my newsletter at

  2. MARTY RULES>>>>>>> THANKS for teaching this song it's BADASS !!!…..

  3. Hi can you do one about the solo in this song?

  4. Paulo Oton Valete

    I was wrong -Arizona.The best.

  5. Somewhere on the Lake

    Dude ur the best. Thank you so much

  6. Very cool song choice … now teach me how to sing like Chris ;D

  7. This song is so good and the fact that it doesn’t even have 100k views kills me

  8. Great lesson man. What guitar are you playing?

  9. Valeu cara muito bem explicado Thank´s!!! #BRAZIL

  10. Hi Marty, any chance of Chris Stapleton either way? For a hard working northern Englishman?

  11. Can you please do Parachute by Chris Stapleton?

  12. Is there a pedal for that tone?

  13. Hey Marty. Just wanted to drop in to tell you I've been watching your videos for a few years at least now and I've really enjoyed them. You do a great job of communicating and breaking down the songs. And j guess I just want to say thank you man. Keep it up.

  14. Alexander Mercado

    Can you do Time moves slow by bad bad not good? Would be a cool jazzy lesson. Also… make tshirts! Take my money!

  15. Alexander Mercado

    Awesome song!

  16. What are you listening to please Marty

  17. Anyone know what guitar model that is?

    Thanks in advanced

  18. Will you teach nobody to blame by Chris stapleton?

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