Chris Stapleton “Tennessee Whiskey” Guitar lesson


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  1. First time i played the guittar and ibgot it with your lessons got a new subscriber thank you

  2. how do you do the part after the initial intro?

  3. you're great man thanks

  4. you're great man thanks

  5. Can you please show how to play Barret baber version of "I'd love to lay you down" I can't find any lessons on YouTube just Conway's version

  6. What If you don’t have a Capo?

  7. Love your stuff but this was really harder with you jumping between capo no capo.. maybe 2 separate versions

  8. Great lesson but just a word of advice is that you shouldn't teach the capo version simultaneously with the Barre chord version as it's quite distracting and makes your teaching seem rushed. It would be better for a learner if you were to teach one after the other. All in all a great lesson though

  9. Henry, when u say single note.. The a string on 2nd fret n then strum 1 time or just hit the a string..

  10. Hey man I don’t know cord names yet, can you show finger placement on chords?

  11. Such an open-minded approach to guitar teaching, thank you for this fun lesson!

  12. Dude, stick to one way or the other.  Seems to me you're better off with the beginners.

  13. Tu parles plus que que tu joues 20 minutes de vidéo pour faire trois accords mdr

  14. Awesome, Henry. Thanks for helping me out real quick! I'm about to go jam with Chris Stapleton on stage.

  15. Thumbs up Mr. Olsen good job, I learn alot

  16. I was loving it. But you said you do it for those that aren't experienced. Yet you kept adding the extras in when teaching thr basic idea

  17. You are a great teacher making it look so easy. I want to go buy a guitar NOW!! This is my favorite song.

  18. Way to much talking! Split up the easy and header versions

  19. too much talking. plat it first so we can hear it!

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