Chris Stapleton – Tennessee Whiskey – Guitar Lesson – How To Play Super Easy Beginner Acoustic

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  1. here's a request, Into the Mystic. Van Morrison

  2. you're the best !

  3. Little more underground but Shakey Graves has some serious acoustic stuff. Would be awesome for a Dearly Departed lesson

  4. Could you do the intro and solo to Tennessee Whiskey too please

  5. another great lesson as always.  Thank you

  6. claude “koko” cloclo


  7. Marty I'd love for you to do my favorite song ever!
    "Day that I Die" -Zac Brown Band

  8. Thomas Rollins Sr.

    Loved learning the way You teach it, but I looked up the Chords and Tab, Love playing the riffs and all. Thanks, Marty

  9. thanks Marty

  10. Hey Marty, first of all, thanks for all of your great lessons! Quick question, isn't there a chord before you back to the "G" shape after Am? C sounds right. Staying on Am all the way thru doesn't sound right to me.

  11. Marty can you cover the intro, chorus, and solo to Tennessee Whiskey as well??

  12. Head over boots by Jon Pardi please

  13. great video and another great lesson. could you maybe do "Whiskey and You" another great Chris Stapleton song

  14. Thank you very much for sharing your time and skills with us. You're a great teacher and I go straight to you for anything I want to learn.

  15. How about Chris Stapleton your man

  16. Man I didn't realise you had a new channel…!
    Rammed full of quality content as usual. If I'm ever in your city I'll see you out and buy you a pint sir…

  17. Hi Marty! Thank you for breaking down this song. Could you please show how would you play the intro with the capo on the 2nd fret?

  18. Godfather Fishing

    need some help so I am starting to get better with switching chords bit just having a hard time with strumming. is it just more practice and it will click eventually?

  19. hi marty it's Emir your big fan from Turkey,there is a song which name is ''esse olhar que era so teu'' by dead combo, it is an adorable guitar solo song, i love it and i liked to play it on guitar, can you help me please

  20. Can you please do a how to on the Judds Grandpa (Tell me bout the good ole days). Can't find it anywhere, I'd really appreciate it!!! Thx

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