Christmas 6251 Chord Progressions – Jazz Guitar Lesson

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In this Christmas guitar lesson, we’ll be diving into one of the most popular jazz chord progressions: 6251. This involves playing the 6 chord, 2 chord, 5 chord, then 1 chord in a whichever key you’re in. This chord progression is very common in jazz music, and is used a lot in Christmas music as well.

The focus of this lesson will be on learning some new chord shapes so that you can move through this progression more efficiently. You’ll also find all the chord charts included so that you can learn how to play “Sleigh Ride”, “White Christmas”, and “It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year”.

Once you get the hang of these new 7th chord shapes, try adding one or two of these Christmas songs to your daily practice.

Check out the full lesson page and download the resources by following the link below:

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  1. envie d'apprendre

    When I saw the goofy thumbnail I was ready to pass by, then I saw 6251 in the title and thought you might actually know what you're talking about. Glad I watched! Good stuff!

  2. whole lot of talking not alot of playing..

  3. So if its a6 2 5 1 why does it start on the 1 ? Looks more like a 1 6 2 5 ?

  4. Nice lesson! How about "Jingle Bell Rock"?

  5. Merry christmas ~ want a learn “the christmas song by nat king cole”.

  6. Great video!

  7. Oustanding

  8. Nice intro Nate.

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