Chuck Berry – Johnny B. Goode – How to Play on guitar – Guitar Lesson, Tutorial

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Hey Guys, Marty here again. I’m so excited to bring you guys a fresh lesson on “Johnny B. Goode” by Chuck Berry. Great licks going on that really can be expanded upon into so many different directions. You can think of it as the minor pentatonic as the skeleton, but it moves into Mixolydian territory for some of those classic notes you’re looking for! Thanks again for supporting “MartyMusic”

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  1. I don't get the part of the B flat major. I can't see where you put your fingers. thank you for the help!

  2. DAME marty where did you get that big ass tube amp?

  3. Hunter Lancaster

    hey marty can you please teach us some van halen

  4. Love this lesson Marty. But I can't seem to nail that palm muting. Do you have a video on that?

  5. Dead Angel's Flower Child

    Do the Velvet Underground Oh Sweet Nuthin Solo! we need some Lou Reed

  6. Erick Altamirano

    Can you please do a tutorial on how to play Dirty Paws by Of Monsters and Men?

  7. Great lesson Marty – perfectly explained. Is there a reference tab for this tutorial ?

  8. Just watched back to the future again and I really wanted to learn it so I did

  9. I've been watching this lesson for a week or so and I can now blast the intro like a boss! This is by far the coolest lead I know. Thanks Marty for such a comprehensive lesson!

    Any shot you can share the best picking? I try to pick it up when you play full speed but it's tough with your quick hands.

  10. soooooooooooooo good

  11. Ok Marty I would like two songs. Death don't have no mercy and Cocane both by Rev. Davis. Please show everything thanks

  12. Hey Marty! This video is awesome! Can you also make a tutorial for the same song, but performed by Michael J Fox in "Back to the Future "?

  13. Just cannot understand how the hell can I learn to play the pinky finger tab during the choruses haha. Seems impossible to me, must take time to learn

  14. 00:31 …. dude… wow..

  15. Hey! Very nice lesson, thank you very much for it! Is there a specific name for the technique/riff for the intro? I've heard these type of intros in other songs too, and I would like to know if there is a specific name for it, or something. Thank You very much for whoever helps me! 🙂

  16. Great vid. How long did it take you to learn this, mister Schwartz ?

  17. Marty Schwartz and Marty McFly

  18. Great Work as usual Marty !! I think have learned faster and better from your videos more than any other lessons on youtube. Keep up the great work. If you haven't done "Rock Me" from Great White, I love all those bluesy two note chords in that song !!! You are the man !!!!

  19. Nice recreation of back to the future in the beginning

  20. uhuuuuuuu!! rock and roll!!!!!

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