Chuck Loeb Jazz Guitar Lesson Chord Melody

Chuck Loeb Jazz Guitar Lesson   Chord Melody

Here is a free example of a lesson on my ArtistWorks Jazz Guitar School. I discuss a chord melody of the standard “Like Someone In Love”


  1. Lawson Russell

    Tabs tabs tabs!!!! right now!!!

  2. Carlos Figueroa

    "Discovered" Chuck Loeb Guitar Lessons in ArtistWork just yesterday, will most definitely join! What a cast of teachers!

  3. Giuseppe Visetti


  4. The Life Hater

    If only I could play some jazz guitar

  5. Great lesson…

    to my ear at 5:00 it's G chord – not B…

  6. Hi Chuck, I studied with you back in Fall '84/Spring '85 when I first came to NYC and was a student at L.I.U. in Brooklyn. You sound as great as ever, man! Great to see your videos and I've seen your Guitar curriculum in various places around the internet. (I'm still out here playing and teaching, and I still remember the material you showed me back then!) Cheers!
    Steve Bloom

  7. Chuck, just got to see you perform in Cleveland at Night Town.  Amazing.  You sir truly are a jazz guitar master. Thank you for putting these videos together.

  8. Very pleased to have found this video and link to the guitar school. Thank you Chuck.

  9. that's my Guitar hero !…

  10. good job chuck

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