Cirice Guitar Lesson – Ghost

*** I accidentally skipped the pre-chorus riff starting at the 1:31 mark of the song. Here is a link to a TAB I created for that riff. ***

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In this Cirice guitar lesson video, I will show you how to play this Grammy winning song from Ghost’s Meliora album note-for-note.

The tuning used in this lesson and on the original recording is D standard. Starting from the 6th string D G C F A D.

There are so many cool guitar parts in “Cirice” that it is kind of hard to list them all here. But from the very beginning of the track, with it’s haunting acoustic arpeggios to the hard driving main riff that propels the song through the verse sections, there is a lot to learn here.

Most of the guitar riffs incorporate some sort of harmony guitar work or have dual guitar parts at one point or another. They tend to play then same riff then towards the end of the riff, divert to complimenting guitar parts. It is a really cool sound if you have a second guitar player to play with.

The bridge section changes the feel quite a bit with a looser and more laid back feel.

Over this bridge riff is the guitar solo which is very melodic but also has a few flashy legato licks towards the end. It is hard to imagine a more perfect guitar solo over that bridge riff.

Watch closely coming out of the solo because the rhythm guitars under the keyboard solo are playing a little variation on the previously learned verse riff.

I hope you guys enjoy learning this great track from Ghost! #ciriceguitarlesson #ghost #guitarcovers

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  1. 20:24 ok time to say goodbye from me 🙁

  2. Nice tone.. what the signal chain?

  3. Great song lesson chosen. Thank you very much. Great work!!!

  4. One of the most baddass songs ive ever heard for sure

  5. Dude thanks for a great lesson! I came here for the keyboard solo… lol oh well you still killed it!

  6. Diabolus in Musica. nataS

  7. My Boi Carl really doesn’t like bass in his tone

  8. Can somebody explain what power chords he is using for the intro?

  9. What happened to your Musicman?

  10. Thanks Carl just going through this it's obvious that these two guitar players Alpha and Omega, ghoul names were master's at using octaves dissanece to weave their guitar lines together without occupying the same musical spaces in the mix most bands and fans of Ghost don't understand this and that it takes theory and musical knowledge to pull this off these players are what attracted me to this band unfortunately this band was dissolved in 2016 and the replacements just pale in comparison thanks again old Ghoul fan !!!!!!!!!

  11. AntonioTDM Garcia

    "Faith" "He Is"!!

  12. Its finally here!!! Upload some Pentagram content!

  13. Life is a highway by rascal flatts with solo please.

  14. I just wanted to say I feel bad for asking for songs ,
    I think I speak on behalf of the comment section that we are very grateful to have you!!

  15. such a haunting riff

  16. Rats!!!!

  17. Please do faith from ghosts new album!!!!

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