Classic Guitar Riffs – Guitar Lesson – Rebel Rebel by David Bowie – How to Play

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  1. i'm going to play this at school of rock nat'l music day

  2. I’ve been trying this riff off and on now for two months,and I still have a hell of a time with it

  3. As a (nearly) 14 year old learner, thank you so much, I subscribed.

  4. Super nice! Thank you!

  5. Ciao io sono Adriana Ponticelli ho dieci anni frequento la mia scuola e ho mei ha amici e ho una mamma e papà e poi ho un fratello mi chiama befana ciao tesoro

  6. Awesomes thank you very much

  7. Guys please tell me if you know is this in standard tuning ? or other

  8. Awesome! Subscribed!

  9. What cleaves the good rock and roll guitarists from the bad is this: the good seek the shortest way while the bad overplay.

    Likely, in the recording, Alan Parker, played

    Open D
    E on B + open E
    D on B + open E
    D♭ on B + open E
    3 times Open B + open E
    Open B, fret D♭ on B and pull off
    A♭ on G
    E on D
    Open D

  10. thanx man !!!!!!!!

  11. Anyone know what amp settings to use?

  12. Marty, you're a damn good teacher. Thanks for posting these great videos for free. I love the blues stuff; especially the DGDGBD Rolling Stones stuff!

  13. less talking more guitar

  14. Not at all saying your lesson is's spot on to me; but EVERY single tab for this song has it being played starting from the 5th fret B string then the open G string….and I see you go nowhere past the 3rd fret….

  15. Rip david, thanks marty for simplifying pretty mutch every song! 😀

  16. i signed
    up i didnt get a ebook bro

  17. Your awesome marty. Thanks

  18. Thanks Marty got my first riff under my belt which makes this 55 year old learner happy

  19. R.I.P David Bowie

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