Classical Guitar Lesson 1

Matt Nisbet presents his first classical guitar lesson a brief introduction to the instrument.
This is lesson 1 in a new series of classical guitar lessons with Matt.
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  1. You've bored me after 10 seconds.. Cant you just play n cut the bullshit

  2. Can I Get 10,000 subs with no public videos?

    Wtf. I came here to learn to play guitar. I mean i know what a goddmned classical guitar is.

  3. 2:10 you bet that’s my new party trick.

  4. 1:23 the man looked like Mr. Bean lol

  5. When he mentioned the condition of the guitar I thought of Willie Nelson's Trigger. It is rough… to say the least.

  6. Seven Nations army 3:58

  7. Wierd. Ituned up and started playing the same e fg shuffle before the video. Loaded

  8. sorry dude….I'm playing on an electric just show me the ways of the classical guitarist. Be glad I'm not watching a video on heavy metal gallop picking or something. TEACH ME YOUR WAYS

  9. Patrick O'Donnell

    Boy there is going to have to be like 10,000 video lessons in a row if lesson one is, 'a classical guitar is made of wood and has 6 nylon strings' before anyone is going to be ever able to someday play a classical piece, if them not knowing that a guitar is made of wood is where we are starting.

  10. What music is at 1:55 ?

  11. Your Guitar is exactly like the one I just started learning with but I cannot find a model number to get more information on it, please help

  12. Awesome but I don't know scale and chord. Please teach me the chord

  13. I’m poor so I got this

  14. Which classical guitar would you consider to be a really good beginner guitar.

  15. Free de la Hoya

    Omg the guitar he was using in the beginning is the same as mine lol

  16. Can somebody please please tell me what is the piece he is playing at the beginning of the video (around 40 seconds)? Thank you.

  17. Great video

  18. I didn't know jude law narrated guitar lessons.

  19. I don't have a classical guitar yet but it will be my second purchase after a new bridge for my other electric. Until then, I'll be playing these on my electric that still works.

  20. Could you not use a pick to imitate the range of volume one gets from long fingernails?

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