Clawhammer Acoustic Guitar Lesson with Steve Baughman.

RhythmStrummer, sadly, has gone away. But the Claw lives on! For my new series of clawhammer guitar lessons (beginning to advanced) check out Peghead Nation at

How to play CLAWHAMMER Guitar. It’s new! It’s hot! It’s easy! Here’s Steve Baughman with the world’s first Internet Clawhammer Guitar Lesson EVER! A great technique for blues, folk, country, funk. Get on board with this cool guitar technique. And come on down to our brand new site for more music, fun, and education.We teach it, and then we’ll practice it WITH you. 😉


  1. Great lesson. When you started playing in the lesson intro, a Mark Knopfler song "I'm Done With Bonaparte" came to mind. 🙂

  2. Great lesson but for a guy that says he loves England, and he’s been there, he sure makes a lot of stereotypical comments about the place.

  3. I'm on a roll………..been a guitar OWNER for 50 years and NOW I'm taking the time to learn how to play them Stuff like this make me feel sorry for rock n roller noise makers.

  4. Great lesson, thanks much

  5. There’s also American sites that get it wrong!,

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