Cliffs Of Dover Guitar Lesson Pt.1 – Eric Johnson – Intro

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These Cliffs Of Dover guitar lesson videos will take you through every note of Eric Johnson’s classic instrumental, one of the most popular rock instrumentals ever recorded.

It is an extremely demanding piece of music to perform. I have studied Eric Johnson’s technique for almost two decades and this track is his signature tune.

The Cliffs Of Dover guitar lessons videos is a series of 6 videos, some of them almost 20 minutes long. But, that is what it takes to show note-for-note how to play this monster. Take your time with the more difficult sections of this piece. Let them become ingrained into your muscle memory before trying them at warp speed.

Eric Johnson has a very particular right and left hand technique, so make sure you pay close attention whenever I give the picking indications.

Have fun with these Cliffs Of Dover Guitar Lesson videos, it is a blast to play after you get it into your hands, not to mention it is an incredible show stopper!! Good Luck!!

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  1. Enter a bend from 8 to 10 on the 2nd string at exactly 7:13

  2. Im 17 and managed to learn Eruption in like a mounth and i can play it decent. Should i give a shot at this song?

  3. Hi Carl! Almost done going through the lessons for this whole song. I noticed on the youtube official video from eric johnson, he played a mini calming intro before the main intro started?? could you make a small video on some of those notes that he played? its such a great part.

  4. The comments were funny until I literally broke my high E string as well 🙁

  5. you didn't mention the bend before the arpeggios

  6. I know there are old but if you played the lock first before hoping into it it’d be so much easier to grasp. Thanks for teaching

  7. Wich effect or pedal does he use??

  8. Im starting learning this song. I will comeback after months or a year. BYE

  9. damn i was grooving and broke a string

  10. What pedals is he using?

  11. How do you get such great sustain ???

  12. Thanks for this, I can actually try to play it the correct way now! The fast runs weren't always clean because I'd always try to pick each one

  13. I'm still having trouble learning this. Can anyone help?

  14. AirTraffic Control

    As a beginner I found this much easier then smoke on the water. Thanks

  15. 391 people threw their guitars out the window.

  16. can you add tabs in the video or a link to them?

  17. Breaking it down lick by lick this one seems a bit too slow but it's a good video

  18. I wish you would redo this in the format how you have your new videos

  19. What scales does this song use

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