Cliffs of Dover – Solo Acoustic Guitar – Lesson

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  1. so sick

  2. Rodo BSaavedra

    When I go to the page to get the tabs I put my name and email, and it says the email is not vaild and I've tried with differents emails and it doesnt work, i cant get the tabs please help:(

  3. Vlady Martinez

    I couldn't download the tab it says that the page doesn't exist

  4. I really LOVE the 'explanation' of the arrangement (your thought processes)! It makes it make more sense. And, it is like being "on-board" the ship. Thanks Skipper! 🙂

  5. Tony Lee Glenn

    What I really like a lot about your playing and teaching style: 1) You don't dumb it down too much – just show us the licks, tell us about the tab, and let us take it from there, 2) You give us a really excellent piece of music to work with and you clearly explain your variations and reasons for making them, 3) Your video views are perfect – easy to watch and easy to follow, 4) You get to the point and cover a lot of ground in a very efficient way. You've made me really want to learn this piece – one of my favorite instrumentals ever. Thanks a bunch for doing this Rhett. You have a new fan and subscriber!

  6. thank you so much for your tutorial


    Que guitarra es esa Esa Vacan !!!! Anyone knows What that guitar name's??

  8. mah boi send me a slow mo version of this and I'll be straight

  9. Walamonga 1313

    Thanks a lot, I probably won't be able to play the original but I may be able to play this one (and to be honest, I like playing acoustic better).

  10. alejandro flores

    pésimo tutorial explicas para ti solo así jamás podremos aprender esa versión lo pasas demasiado rápido y sería mejor si explicaras por partes no seas egoísta

  11. There goes my summer

  12. jean reno is that you ?

  13. dude this not a lesson its only showcase of ur skills, u play beutiful but tutorial video or lesson video sucks, and almost imposible to find the tab in your page, maybe i am wrong but looks like u are doing cheat to get view on ur page, please correct me if I'm wrong. Great musician and beutyful played

  14. He looks like bonehead from oasis

  15. It seems the tab and this tutorial are different

  16. Name of the guitar?

  17. awesome video! thanks so much

  18. SamueltheJolly

    you should be famous

  19. Your awsome at guitar

  20. ThatRandomGuy34

    Do you have any tips on how to improve speed for the left and right hands

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