Closer by the Chainsmokers Acoustic Guitar Lesson Chords and Strumming Fingerstyle

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  1. What a Great Tutorial is! btw what string you use? can you tell me where buy it? :D

  2. You are so good man! Thanks so much your videos are awesome!

  3. kent patrick barba

    You can add the chords and the and the tabs for us to learn more easier :D


  5. The beginning part is just awesome!!!!

  6. Thankss! I've learned a lot…

  7. This is awesome man! I hope I can get as good as you!

  8. Rudransh Kulshreshth

    i can try arrange a concert here , if u are interested … you are sooo good

  9. Rudransh Kulshreshth

    where r u from mate?

  10. Rudransh Kulshreshth

    love this guy man !! thx

  11. Very Nice ! :)

  12. Truly underrated! I very much enjoy and appreciate your tutorials man! Keep it up!

  13. TABS :((

  14. The best !! lesson

  15. thanks!

  16. thank youu

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