Coco Remember Me Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

An instant classic! Coco’s Remember Me was such a tear jerker… I just had to teach it.

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  1. Walk away as the door slams (acoustic) please

  2. Can you please teach Hey there Delilah from Plain White T’s ? Your the best professor on YouTube and I really want to learn this song

  3. I swear man you help me so much, know your work doesn’t go appreciated and your talent doesn’t go unnoticed. Thanks a hole lot

  4. Could you do a tutorial for Atlantic City by Bruce Springsteen?

  5. I want to play i want it that way

  6. Can you please try Stay by Post Malone if you don't mind.

  7. Hey Marty could you please do some eels lessons ? Thanks

  8. I have a guitar behind my desk at the high school (so I can practice) and the kids can try play along to your videos when they need a break. You rock Marty!

  9. The Redstone Sword

    Marty for President

  10. I was wondering when you were going to make a video on this. Thank you Marty : )

  11. Recuerda me

  12. Love this song and your lessons

  13. Hey can we get arlo Guthries motorcycle song? Thanks for this!!

  14. Love it. I have a suggestion. Maybe see if you could play "First Timer" by Elliott Smith? Love that song

  15. CHIMP The Destroyer

    U should do Kodachrome by Paul Simon

  16. Thank you for the Remember Me guitar lesson. Appreciate it!

  17. Great job Marty! Can u make a video on how to play some 21 pilots songs?

  18. Marty, is there any way you could do Un Poco Loco from Coco.

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