Cold by Maroon 5 Acoustic Guitar Lesson Fingerstyle Technique

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Hey Guys, Marco here. Thank you very much for checking out my videos. I hope you enjoy the lessons!

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  1. Keenan Fernandes

    Hay man thanks for the lesson it helped a lot

  2. thank you for this! :3

  3. Глеб Стар

    what a guitar?

  4. Please make city of stars la la land soundtrack

  5. pleas teach sunflower

  6. great one

  7. love it

  8. Thank you very much Marco for this amazing video! It was easy to learn and it sounds so good ! Thanks again

  9. Great tutorial brah…can u do the tutorial of how would u feel by ed…may b u can do the best. Frm the rest what I've seen so far.

  10. sounds cool

  11. what's that on you sound hole

  12. NICE!!

  13. Thanks for the lessonMan
    i have arequest can you make a lesson matthew koma suitcase

  14. awesome keep it up

  15. Amazing!

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