Coldplay – Adventure of a Lifetime Guitar lesson With TABS! (full song)

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This is the full lesson of all the guitar parts Jonny Buckland plays in the new Coldplay Single; Adventure of a Lifetime.
The Intro and lead theme of the song, the rhythmic chords in the verse, and the ending theme. Good luck.

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  1. Smooth!

  2. Chunga tumadre

  3. why iam watching this , i dont even have a guitar

  4. You're missing a note for the quick lick listen to the song again. It's either a slide or a bend. Pretty sure it's a slide. Between the eleventh and twelfth note.

  5. you tha best !

  6. Если было сыграно вместе с песней, не было бы цены видео

  7. Hi, checkout our acoustic cover of adventure of a lifetime, tell us what you think. thanks!


  9. in the song is doesn’t sound like he’s picking every note, but it still sounds good

  10. Could you please help to teach me what is 1 e + a 2 e + a3 in rhythm section of tab.

  11. Glandular Slaughter

    Good luck playing that with a drummer like ours, he speeds everything up!

  12. Hello , nice video 😉 Can you telle me what pedale you using please ?

  13. Hey guys !! gathering Does anyone watch one's better this versitn ?

  14. Thanks Merry Christmas to all

  15. Роман Чижевский

    this is not true

  16. Top class lesson

  17. Gabriel Roig-Francoli

    +Paul Davids how do you get that tone on your guitar? Is it just delay?

  18. I can do it slow but its hard going fast geeez

  19. Brother i think that exist more pull on/off…

  20. Mauricio Martinez Navas

    Great, easy to understand and learn, Thank you Sir!

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