Coldplay Clocks Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

Learn how to play Coldplay with this Clocks lesson!

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  1. Can you please do a tutorial on improvisation, for complete beginners. I really need a good tutorial and you are my only hope.

  2. Can the Scientist be played on Guitar?
    Love your stuff Marty

  3. Could you plz do a tutorial on eagle rock by daddy cool

  4. Marty, you gotta do a lesson on how to play Turn Up the Radio by Autograph. All these other idiots are very hard to learn from bruh it’s frustrating

  5. ah my favorite joe satriani song!

  6. Can you please do more Jack Johnson


  8. Thank you !

  9. Coldplay???????

  10. Do some Rival Sons, please! m/

  11. Great tutorial! For those beginners who are afraid of bar chords (or for people like me who can do them but who are lazy) you can just capo up 1 and then use D Am Em. Bridge becomes Fmaj7 C G. Lots easier, even if you will sound less God-like. I mean "Marty-like." Same thing. Fmaj7 is just x03210. 🙂

  12. pls do a tutorial of corduroy by ocean alley

  13. Zachariah Commissaris

    Hey Marty! You should do a tutorial for Politik by cold play. I have really been wanting to play this song for a very long time.

  14. Can you talk about how you achieve your guitar tone 🙂

  15. never again by breaking benjamin please

  16. Cool lesson. Great song. Love the ZZ Top look.

  17. Hey Marty! Guitar we get a guitar tutorial of “Don’t give up” By Southern Avenue.

    Great blues song! Listening to gets me through the rough days but being able to play it would be unreal! Thanks Marty!

  18. Marty please do us and them by Pink Floyd!!

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