Coldplay – Clocks | Guitar Lesson (Tutorial) Chords & Intro

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Clocks by Coldplay Guitar Lesson. Tutorial with easy chords and capo is used (Standard Tuning). Have fun playing this song!

P A T R E O N ►
F A C E B O O K ►
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  1. Thank you man!… thank you thank you soo much. You're a great man i guess.

  2. Chasing

  3. You def done you're home work an know you're s!!!t , love it great help keep it up geeze

  4. Please can you do The Scientist by coldplay :))

  5. so far the best tutorial on this song , loved it !

  6. Your guitar is really good

  7. can u do fix u ???

  8. can you please do an easy tutorial for "Jealous" by Labrinth?
    Your tutorials are great!!!

  9. 3gdudes 2ndcahnnel

    where you have the capo?

  10. thanks man !! nice

  11. Great man. very good. Thanks

  12. please do more coldplay tutorials!!!!you are so good!!!

  13. Sandesh Chandrashekar

    Which guitar does he use while recording these videos ??

  14. Sandesh Chandrashekar

    One of the best guitar tutorials on Youtube that I've seen.
    Clean and even easy for Begineers.
    Thanks man 😀

  15. Natalia Martínez

    Please, please do Fix You by Coldplay! <3

  16. Could you do Don't Panic by Coldplay?


  18. How many guitars does this take

  19. Jâčę Ūnknøwn

    So many lead parts..
    And I'm just one person.. i can't do all the leads LOL

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