Coldplay – The Scientist Super Easy Acoustic Guitar Lesson – Easy Beginner Songs For Guitar

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  1. You're a great teacher. And I request "what you give" by Tesla. Would really love your take on it

  2. Francisco R. Zayas

    Thanks Marty… Love the new channel.

  3. Is there any chance that you could do Self Control by Frank Ocean?

  4. Marty is their a chance to do more Coldplay or the killers , keep up the good work

  5. I realy like your way to teach, keep it going you are doing it exelent!!!
    I suscribe

  6. How did you do the F chord?

  7. cool

  8. Marty you have saved me tons of money on lessons. Best off you are amazing and I've learned so much thank you!

  9. Just 20 second is enough for learn, thank you Marty :D

  10. patience by guns n roses

  11. carlyle montecillo

    nice tutorial, and easy song thanks!

  12. How about Temple of the King by Rainbow?

  13. I've been watching Marty since before he had that baller ass silver beard and he always helps. Keep up the good stuff dude.

  14. Nice sir.. so effective.

  15. your the man Marty! love the howl..haha cheers

  16. Jan Marpaul Lobigas

    Air supply – all out of love :)

  17. Hey Marty, big fan of the new channel!! I've been learning to play the guitar for a couple of years now and your videos have been a huge part of my progress. So first i'd like to say, thanks!

    On to a request that i'd like to ask of you, I haven't looked into keeping up with tempo while playing the guitar. Could you do a video or two about keeping time while playing? Thank you

  18. just went out and bought a capo just to play this haha! thanks marty! I'm finally getting the hang on the intro!

  19. Please do hymn for the weekend by Coldplay!
    Great to have you back!

  20. Hey Marty, I've been learning guitar with your clips for years now!! Thanks for coming back. Wanted to request 2 songs! John Mayer's "Belief" acoustic and Eric Clapton's "tears in heaven". Thanks!!

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