Collective Soul – Shine – Electric Guitar Lesson by Mike Gross

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This is a guitar lesson on “Shine” by “Collective Soul” taught/instructed by professional guitar instructor Mike Gross from and…I am available for studio session work and touring…­­­ Feel free to subscribe to my channel.Thanks,MG


  1. If you have 15 minutes why did you only use 2.30 ?

  2. FINALLY, someone playing it right!!!

  3. not true….for MONTHS I was only given a 15 minute maximum to upload.

  4. enjoythesilence169

    Weird… You can have as much time as you want on youtube. There are no time limits. Sooooo why did you hurry through the lesson?

  5. hey mike bro can you do the intro for not ready to die by avenged sevenfold?

  6. sorry i wasn't trying to be a bitch about it just nuisance to change tuning, i love your vids im subbed its just that changing tuning just for one riff isn't worth it even though i love this song. anything besides drop d or standard is a hassle

  7. what is the strumming pattern?

  8. yerwelcome bro

  9. Excellent.
    Great songs today.

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