Coming Home Guitar Lesson (Leon Bridges) Electric Guitar Tutorial

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Check out my new guitar lesson on how to play Coming Home by Leon Bridges on electric guitar.

I transcribed this from the original recording, and this live performance from NPR Music’s Tiny Desk was really helpful –

This is a song to give you a good barre chord workout. The song is in the key of F# major which means every chord is a barre chord, with either the bass note being on the low E string or the A string. I’ll take you through both possibilities.

The song is also in the time signature of 6/8. This is an example of a COMPOUND meter, which means that each beat can be split into 3 8th notes (rather than 2 which we expect in 4/4 or any other SIMPLE meter). We can count all the 8th notes as we play ‘1 2 3 4 5 6’ but it’s more valuable to count the two beats and add an ‘and’ and ‘a’ for the other 8th notes within each beat. So, if we count a measure in 6/8 it would go “1 and a 2 and a”.

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  1. Thanks a lot! Good job

  2. Great video! Played it on my semi-hollow and it sounded dope!

  3. Great lesson man! Can you please please please do a lesson on his song Lisa Sawyer! Many thanks

  4. Great video, thanks for that!

  5. Tobias Sveen Kristensen

    Great video! Just came over to this channel, and I subscribed immediately. Keep up the good work!

  6. I'd love to see a tutorial for Mama said by Metallica

  7. Could you do Budapest?

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