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  1. How in the world I missed this tutorial. I got it now.

  2. Eric, the way you teach is very, VERY helpful! Don't allow anyone to tell you otherwise. Thank you very much for taking the time out to teach ppl such as myself who have a passion to learn guitar and strive to become better. Couldn't do it without ppl like you 😉

  3. The Boy Who Cried Pizza

    +EricBlackmonGuitar Cool. I have a request for maybe one of your future funk lessons. Could you do Give It To Me Baby by Rick James? Thank you, I really admire your lessons and the work that's put into them.

  4. l like that kind of music, l would love to here you play that music live. was you ever in a band?

  5. I love the videos where you teach useful chords :3 Its like adding letters to my musical alphabet. I can make words now

  6. thanks for the the chords, you should play the chord progression first and then break it down. just to give an idea of what can be down with them.

  7. Thank you for your free lessons, they are very cool. Getting back in to learning to play for a third time,since the 70s
    has been kinda difficult. Playing has always been on my mind, now in my early 50s determined to learn befor kicking the bucket. Would love to have had you as a teacher in my youth. i'll be watching tks again.
    Pete NY

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