Common Chord Progressions – Rhythm Guitar Lesson #7

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This is video seven from the Rhythm Guitar Quick-Start Series. In this lesson you will learn some of the most popular chord progressions that you need to know as a rhythm guitarist. These progressions will apply everything that has been covered in the rhythm guitar series up to this point, so it’s important that you’ve worked through all of the previous lessons before jumping into this.

You’ll learn three progressions played in the key of G, but the real magic is that these progressions are movable. So, just as with power chords and bar chords, you can shift these entire progressions around the fretboard.

Ready for the next lesson? You can find all of the videos from the rhythm guitar series organized in a playlist here:



  1. Thank you for your lessons. You helped me.

  2. Ill be playing guitar at church and for fun so this i play drums lol

  3. why is the A not #4?

  4. this is the theory i've been needing! been able to start intuiting things on my own thanks to this series…. given me the foundation i've been missing it seems.

  5. many many thanks I am from Bangladesh. Your new fan

  6. Thank you so much!!

  7. tysm sir…these videos are really helpfull…u're the reason why i can play guitar so well 🙂

  8. Thank you very much for taking the time to teach all this material. I've been playing for four decades now, but I'm looking for something new to learn every day.

    Wishing you many good reasons to smile throughout today and the coming days.

  9. great video

  10. littleolerockerchick

    This is so awesome to be learning. Thank you so much!

  11. Thanx Nate Savage!

  12. Church …. Gig? They have musical gigs in a church? Well I'll be damned ! What do you play black sabbath ?

  13. you are a great teacher, thanks for all the help

  14. Great lessons!! and much appreciated. I have a few question as I am learning the guitar on my own for about a year now.
    1. You have a lot of great lesson series, can you advise a structure of what to learn first, second and third? as I am more of a structure learner. 2. Due to time constrain like everyone else, I can dedicate about 20 – 30 minutes a day to practice if I am lucky. So, according to your suggestion, my first goal is be able to play Landslide, Simple Man, Horse with No Name, Ain't no Sunshine, Lean on Me. Mostly fun basis acoustic guitar sound. 3. What is the most effective way for me to learn your lessons and apply them to songs I mentioned and gain good fundamental guitar skills to apply at all songs. I would say I do know and understand Major scale that I practice my basic major scale box (3 of them) and all 5 minor pentatonic box position daily. Many thanks again.

  15. Thanks so much!!! So clear!!!!

  16. I dont understand something , lets say we put the capo at third fret , all the chords we gonna play are gonna be played in G key ? hmm

  17. seriously dude thanks for the lessons.

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