Confused by Modes? Master them TODAY (Steve Stine LIVE Guitar Lesson)

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In this Live Guitar Lesson, Steve Stine discusses the basic concepts of Guitar “Modes” and how to begin seeing them on your guitar, and how they actually connect, work, and sound.
The study of modes goes quite deep, but this is a great place to begin to develop an understanding of them.
Good luck and stay positive!


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  1. Need help with your Guitar Path?

    See Steve's Guitar Courses:


    Request a Guitar Lesson Video:

    Ask Steve a question:

  2. Steve, the easier way to find the relative mayor from a minor, it is the third going forward.

  3. z z Brian Caza

    sounds good to me

  4. just play c major scale in the key of c major whatever the mode is… your feelings will guide you to the rest of the journey… this is how i summarised this video

  5. ZigzagWanderer

    Steve, this was the ideal lesson for me at this time. I, too, was thinking that I had to change modes with chord changes, which you rejected. My scale book instructed me to learn each mode as a separate scale, which seemed a daunting task. Your explanation filled in a lot of gaps, saved me tons of unnecessary work and clearly showed me that I already know most of what I need to know to explore modes.  Big day for me, amigo.  I had felt a bit guilty and stupid for not working up all those scales separately.  Brilliant work! Thanks….

  6. So glad I discovered you, Steve! Many thanks!

  7. Thank you for helping me with the modes

  8. This guy is amazing. What a clear and intuitive teacher!

  9. ay aw oh ho , so chord progressions have modal identities , i did not know that that's wild stuff.

  10. Christopher Dahlberg

    I absolutely love this guy !!!!!!! he is an amazing shredder !!!! he also makes it so easy to learn everything he teaches. I've been to so many guitar teachers and none of them word it just the way I need to have it taught to where it just clicks.

  11. This video is amazing!!! I understand modes and and you've made it sooooo easy to understand. In fact now I know that for years I have been soloing in E aolean. I have been having a blast with the modes and different feels as I already know the major scale up and down the neck. Now I can use all the modes in any key. It's awesome. Wooohoooo

  12. Steve, this is truly a brilliant class. It’s the first time I’ve ever grasped the concept of the C scale being the center of the universe. However, can you redo this course and cut out all the live chatter and focus specifically on how to master that C scale concept exclusively, and how to apply it from every perspective. You have something completely unique in this class. You need to tell us which note to emphasis for each chord progression, etc. Expand on this even if it takes an hour and you charge for it. I’d gladly pay good money to hear this course repackaged, expanded, and focused for dummies. You’ve got it nailed here, but too much great info is getting lost in the chatter with all you live listeners. Redesign this one class, keep it dumbed-down so it’s easy to understand, then charge a couple hundred dollars for the class. I’d pay that for this one class done properly because you’re the only one to every give this “whole” perspective of how to deal with modes. Everyone else makes modes so bloody complicated. Rebuild this course and then package and sell it. Send me a reply to this ,Ess. age and I’ll sign up in a flash.

  13. Thanks stive! Finally! I have a much more better understanding about modes!!! You got my respect!!keep it up

  14. Larry Shurtleff

    If I could understand this then anyone could, Thanks Steve

  15. Steve, thanks. You teach well and I find your lessons helpful and interesting Thank you for your time and your logic.

  16. Thanks, I've learned more from you than 40 years of self education beating on my guitars. Love the theory makes sense to me..

  17. Subbed! Love your tips and techniques. Golden. Ty.

  18. Michael Jordan

    Circle of 5th's helped me understand the relationship

  19. I love your playing and you are a great teacher too…thanks…..shine on xxx

  20. that really helped me keep things in the right perspective so I know how to study as I am growing in knowledge.thanks a lot

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