Conquer Or Die – Megadeth, acoustic guitar lesson, by Gabriel Mendes

Hi, my name is Gabriel Mendes, from Brazil, and this is an acoustic guitar lesson for the song Conquer or Die.
The song is tuned a step down.
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  1. Guys, let me know, would you like more vídeos?
    If you do, lesson vídeos, covers or what?

  2. you is BR idasidhaisdhaisudhaiusd n engana ninguem

  3. Great! i love this song… and Megadeth… and your Death's shirt (: my two favorite bands!

  4. Your an awesome guitarist. I think some tips for your next video would be. Repeat some steps, explain a bit more so we can understand easyer and if you can add tab that would be great 1. Other than that awesome video. You got my sub ✌️

  5. Сергей Минаев

    Спасибо большое за разбор))

  6. blink182izawsm

    he' so good

  7. Luiz Alexandre

    Sou de Cabo Verde (Africa)
    valeu pela video aula
    tava mesmo precisando 😉

  8. Brayan Martinez

    Not a fan of megadeth but conquer or die the intro tho sounds so good and I wanted to learn it so thanks for the video

  9. dude gr8 lesson man . hope u put out more videos

  10. Dude your awesome keep it up

  11. <<<333333333333333

  12. Qual afinação você usou?

  13. Hugo Ostiza Garmendia

    MENDESDETH!! Thank you mate! It's an outstanding song to master, even thought with my level it'll take several weeks. Glad there are people like you willing to help.

  14. GOOD JOB man you got it right. Im a lead guitarist and ive been playing for many years. I do most of the cover songs of megadeth like victory, tornado of souls, symphony of destruction and more and i uploaded these all on my FB. Also, I do pantera cover songs like cowboys from hell which i uploaded it on FB as well.

  15. Eae cara, toca Caprici Di Diablo

  16. awesome

  17. Thanks man.

  18. Helped me a lot.
    thank you !!!

  19. Juan Camilo Gamba Tabimba

    good Job!!, thank you very much !!

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