Cool Bass Lick #1 – Bass Guitar Lesson

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In this lesson, electric and upright bassist Jared Plane presents a cool bass lick that can be played over a II-V-I chord progression in C major. This lick utilises an array of techniques and ideas that make up the jazz bebop language.

The Dmin7 chord contains just notes present in the C major scale, and the D Dorian mode; whereas the G7 chord utilises notes from the G Altered scale (G, Ab, Bb, B, C#, Eb, F), as well as chromatic passing tones.

To really get the most out of this lick, play it in all 12 keys, break it down into chunks, start slowly and gradually increase the tempo until you can’t play it any faster. Learning licks is a great way to increase your dexterity and facility on the instrument, as well as increasing your vocabulary for jazz improvisation.
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  1. Great riff and I like your suggestion to play with the metronome. I also appreciate that you clued us in on the expanded chords so we know what we are playing. Good job!

  2. YES ! a real bass player !

  3. cool lesson! Subbed and if interested check out my lessons as well!) Cheers!

  4. Jared, one thing I got from this lesson, other than a cool lick, is the IV7 chord of the tonic works well (in) when playing over the ii7 chord of a ii-V-I progression. I guess the same can can be said when soloing over a minor chord, correct?

  5. You're awesome:)

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