Cool Moves – Beginners I IV V chords guitar lesson and so much more!

SUPER EASY I IV V chords guitar lesson. Transposing the “F chord”, (which is really an E shape…) into A Major, B Major and C Major.
PDF: Coming soon!
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I am a guitar teacher with over 30 years of experience teaching privately, in schools, further education, and rehabilitation organizations.

I pride myself on giving beginning guitar players the foundation skills needed to become the guitar player they want to be.

In 2006 I founded “Ricky’s school of rock”, which is a real school of rock set in 6000 sq ft of dedicated teaching space, where my staff of 16 tutors and myself teach every day. Teaching guitar is our calling and legacy.

The results and outcomes YOU are seeking are what drives the content of every lesson. My background as an NLP practitioner enables me to have a unique, incisive and effective take on learning guitar that defeats the self-doubt adult learners can face when coming back to learning. I care deeply about your results.

The videos I teach here on YouTube have been meticulously tested and finessed in real life classrooms and lessons with thousands of real live students.

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  1. jeffrey mcdonald

    Thanks Ricky. Another great lesson!

  2. Hi Rick, I like these short lessons they are a great help. Thank you for doing them for us.

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