Country Bass Guitar Lessons, You Have More Than 2 Strings By Scott Grove

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  1. Very informative video.. I play for my church and some of the songs are country style i will def plug in these notes.. Thank you so much…

  2. "just say not to tubas." lol
    that needs to be on a shirt.

  3. 9 minutes into the video and I'm still waiting to learn something. I'm sure your're a good teacher but you lost me with too much chatter. You should go right to the lesson. Thanks

  4. Hey Scott, I'm 71, and have arthritic fingers. I used to play an old acoustic guitar (badly) nobody ever told me about left handed guitars so for 40 years I cheerfully strummed and sang in my garage. Recently I sow the Countryman u-bass and decided to try bass, to accommodate my ham fingers. I've learned so much from your YouTube posts but the short fingerboard and rubber strings are not suited to every style you demonstrate. I know you did at least one video on the ukulele and wonder, could you do one of the Kala u-bass pointing out the limitations? Have to admit that this video is perfect for my current level. Love what your doing man keep up the good work. Hope your prostate is much improved.
    Best wishes.

  5. Good if you aint got a bass drum.

  6. nice ripper

  7. Thanks for the outstanding lesson.

  8. good vid. I've been playing the bass for about 5 years and in my opinion to be good at any style music, you should learn jazz music. i am not directing this comment at you scott, just posting it as what i found to help my playing the most. you have to know music to be able to play jazz. once you are able to play jazz charts, you can play anything

  9. so proud of your teaching skills, im just sitting down here saying look how easy you make me a bass player, i'm gonna spend as much time as i need to get what you play there.

  10. that technique you did at about 10:00 into the vid was really cool. ive never seen that before but ive definitely heard it somewhere before.

  11. lol not all of us canucks are like this bro

  12. Thanks for the vid! I got so sick of playing country bass I had to move to pedal steel, wish I would have had this then!

  13. Hadn't seen that video yet, but went back to watch it. Couldn't stop laughing. Especially funny to me as I have a friend who had one years ago and I remember what a horrid little thing it was.

  14. Groovy Music Lessons

    Thanks so much my friend. Yeah, You had to love that FUDGE PACKER guitar. lol Yeah, I can put videos on here that last all day long if I want. I was able to do so also before the Guitar Squid thing, then they busted me back down to the 15 minute limit. I talked to the Guitar Squid folks and the You Tube folks and so did the Guitar Squid people and we got my unlimited upload time turned back on. Pretty cool!

  15. Groovy Music Lessons

    Thanks my friend. Taking Notes. That's it exactly. Nice and easy way of doing things. Much appreciated!

  16. Groovy Music Lessons

    I've been to your channel and left you a little message that I plan on carrying out. Oh, and yes….you are blocked you Canadian hunk of shit. I hope I don't become like you when I go bald and then simply stand around in a stream and fish all day and actually post those videos. What a major contribution you are making for others to learn from. Just sit on the bottom of that stream and take a couple of VERY deep breaths…and remain sitting.

  17. Gotta say it again, your videos are great. Since getting a bass again, I have realized I'm much more bassist than guitarist. I've had a lot to relearn, and your videos have been great for getting right back to the basics, as well as learning how to throw some cool stuff in. For as long as you intend to do bass videos, I'll be here, bass in hand. I don't need no stinkin' TAB, I make my own while listening and watching. I believe in school they called it taking notes.:)

  18. lol… Touchy little VERBOSE SOB aren't you. LOL… Oh, don't block me! Wanker!!! 🙂

  19. @groovydjs thats the most logical thing i read all dat

  20. EpiphoneFanBoy EpiphoneIsTheBest

    Hey, I am really new to your videos, the first video that I saw was your reveiw of the Piece of Shit Martin Backpacker (laughed soo hard at the name you gave on to the guitar) You make REALLY great videos, with I BIG sence of humour, I really learned MANY things from you just watching 2 videos!!! And by the way, you said that Thanks to GuitarSquid you could only make 15 min long videos. What happend? You can now make videos long as much as you want?

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