Country Blues Guitar Lesson – Solo Guitar – EP131

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In this country blues guitar lesson, you’ll learn how to play a country rhythm with bluesy fill licks played in-between. You’ll learn how to alternate back and forth between rhythm and lead, playing a D5 chord and a C chord.
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  1. Definitely going to incorporate this into a version of Copperhead Road.

  2. Marc Piechowicz

    Great lesson, it's just pushing me at my level enough to improve loads without being overwhelming, what do you advise as similar lessons and style of yours I can try? I'm signed up on here and Active Melody website.Also good advice on the Alvarez AP66 – what a great sounding lovely instrument it is!

  3. question : did you change the tuning ?

  4. Sounds a bit like Bruce Springsteen growing up the c run but can sound like a lot of things very nice anyway!

  5. Hi Brian,That's a great lesson, right up my street, love it and once again your teaching is excellent. Obviously there are a lot of guitar resources on the net, its just a matter of trawling through them till you find one that suites you and the direction you want to head in. That's taken some time, but I'm here now.

  6. I really like your lessons and style Brian, do you also do any Covers?

  7. I wish you were local for lessons….you teach the way I learn…

  8. I'm hooked, and signing up, watched 2 of your videos, been looking for some help to learn exactly what you are teaching ! Many Thanks, glad I stumbled onto your site.

  9. think this is good fun intro beginner lesson for doc Watson maybe tony rice stuff

  10. Daniel Minchew

    Great Lesson Brian…Thanks…

  11. That piece has a neat kind of a Kentucky mountain or a lonesome sound to it. Like the lyrics would be about moonshine or murder. Nice :)

  12. you are great.

  13. Marco van Wetering

    Just became premium member on your website. Already seen I won't regret it! Awesome stuff!

  14. LondonLanguageLounge

    Has a nice Crosby Stills and Nash feel… "find the cost of freedom " tune

  15. Started guitar a year ago today and I have learned almost everything I know from your channel and website! Thanks for the amazing lessons!

  16. This is just great Brian, Thanks very much love the sound… Redsteady…

  17. I'm a rock guitarist and must confess to stumbling onto your site by accident, but your song held my attention. Nice tune. I also like how well you broke it down and showed not only the how, but also the why. Cheers!

  18. Thanks, Brian. Really nice consistently good stuff – straightforward and tasty.

  19. Graziano Tasinato

    Molto bravo….come sempre..

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