Courtney Cox Teaches Harmonic Screams | Guitar Lesson

Courtney Cox Teaches Harmonic Screams | Guitar Lesson

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How do you pull off monstrous Dimebag-style harmonic screams? Guitarist Courtney Cox (The Iron Maidens) shows you how she does it.

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  1. Of course Digitech will make a pedal to do that now.

  2. I though I was going to watch Monica Geller killing it on the guitar. Truly disappointed.


    Great…another “how to” that doesn’t show how to. Don’t teach if you cannot teach.

  4. Also the action of the guitar needs to be setup perfect.

  5. I thought the other Courtney Cox. Clickbait!

  6. Arpeggioshredder

    Nick and Courtney rule. Sweetwater drools.

  7. And again she does a Awesome job
    And the Video is to Short!

    Also, my maiden CRUSH!

  9. Awesome!

  10. theonlyredspecial

    Amazing !

  11. badass

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