Cowboys From Hell Guitar Lesson – Pantera – Famous Riffs

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The opening riff to “Cowboys From Hell” off of Pantera’s major league debut is pretty much recognized as Dimebag Darrell’s signature riff.

It is a perfect example of the “power groove” style that Pantera pretty much invented on it’s own.

This Cowboys From Hell guitar lesson will cover both of the songs opening riffs including the upper and lower octave versions of it.

As with virtually everything played by the great Dimebag Darrell, these riffs are quite difficult to play for even them most experienced guitarist.

Take it slow and get the coordination down between the alternate picking and the fret-hand. If you try to play the riffs too fast too soon, it will feel like your hands are just tied into knots.

Also, the alternate picking can produce some awkward string crossing. The key here is to make sure your picking hand wrist and forearm stays as relaxed as possible. Practicing with a slow to moderate tempo in the beginning will help you develop that relaxed feel.

So I hope you enjoy this Cowboys From Hell guitar lesson. Love live Dimebag!!

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  1. we're taking over this town

  2. s̸a̸m̸ b̸o̸o̸k̸e̸r̸
  3. Awesome Lesson Carl, Thanks You Sir!
    Great method of teaching, point the direction, show it slow, Then GETTY UP!!!! Thanks Again man.

  4. Just found your video. Great and to the point. Love it. I love this riff!!

  5. Love it thanks a bunch dude awesome lesson

  6. Carl can you please finish this song :/

  7. I can't figure out that "powerchord" at 3:18 – anytime I hear someone playing it this way, it immediately feels and sounds wrong – for me its just a single note. Is there a live video of Dime playing that riff this way?

  8. so you dont need to do outside picking for this?

  9. your lessons are very helpful I'm watching this one to see how you finger the second part but I have the official tab book (not saying the tab book is correct) and it has the part at 3:30 as an E5 power cord? i think open 6th string and 2nd fret on 5th string 2X, followed by 3rd fret 6th string not just 0-3 2X on single 6th string then it goes to the A5? power chord . if that makes sense. Its actually easier if to play it the way you play it. thanks

  10. I hate that your pinky finger is almost as long as your middle finger. Calling not fair! 🙂

  11. Joshua Rajendran


  12. after trying to learn the beginning my pinkey became sore but.. eh, i still sort of got it.

  13. pantera's song,thanks carl i like this song…

  14. Мудила, ты хоть бы играть для начала научился !
    Позорище мля!

  15. good lesson.

  16. Domination?

  17. Full lesson!!!

  18. full lesson?

  19. Where’s the lesson Carl!!! It’s not there! Can you re upload please!

  20. can you post full the full lesson?

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