Creep – Radiohead – Guitar Lesson – How to Play on Guitar – Tutorial

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  1. Live2learn4life

    I have a novice request for a vid…can you explain the difference b/t different types of chords i.e. open/bar/power etc?

  2. These videos are AWESONE!

  3. whats that beautiful guitar you're playin?

  4. If Marty dies, great guitar tutorials will be ruined.

  5. I hope you die

  6. What is the strumming pattern?

  7. José Alexandre

    Can somebody give me the chords

  8. Autumn Williamson

    So like my finger isn’t long enough to bar any chords, any tips?

  9. I've subscribed! Thank you for all your lessons THANKS

  10. I subscribed! You help me a lot learning my songs and understanding guitar concepts

  11. fuckin love your hats <3

  12. Thank you, this was very helpful.

  13. 0:43 sweet movements I've ever seen in my hole life.

  14. Found a creep sitting on the Dock of the Bay…mash em up Marty!

  15. How to bar?

  16. yall mind if i hit that death

    it's so hard and painful to slide my fingers in the fretboard and keep my hand in the same position!!!!!!! it's almost easier to just drag my capo from one fret to another…

  17. Your good man,, always!

  18. Marty your the man I'm a beginner
    I want to learn my own prison by creed please make a video

  19. Thank so much I used another lesson and he had super difficult chords even though I knew that first chord was a G but I didn’t know the rest though I appreciate it

  20. MyNameisnotMac

    Marty you are the best! Thank you for the lessons 🙂

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