Daft Punk: “Da Funk” Masters of Melody/ Guitar Lesson

Here is the Original. Hope you enjoy the music and the video! https://youtu.be/mmi60Bd4jSs

In this episode of “Masters of Melody”, we are looking at how to create a groove piece of music with one chord in the background, and some creative scale work. Hope you enjoy!

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Rock on!


  1. Stitch, could you do In the Mind of John Mayer: If I Ever Get Around to Living?

    Not sure if you're familiar with the song but it's arguably JM's most dead influenced song off of born and raised. Not many lessons out there on it and I'm more interested in the perspective of your "in the mind of" format.

    Here's a version of the song: https://youtu.be/746em_RsoGc

    Thanks man

  2. Domantas Jazbutis

    I think you have mentioned during "Ian and Sean in the Dawn" that you can't seem to find a John Mayer riff that would stand out for a lesson/video. What about "Wildfire"? It's a "jammy" one and should really fit your sound palette and that sweet PRS sound. I think you should check it out. And definitely, do "Queen of California" as you have planned. ALSO, speaking of his solo stuff, try a song called "Changing", it's from the new album "The Search for Everything", but has that country vibe and a really great solo part. So yeah, hopefully, these recommendations will come handy 😉

  3. Prince -controversy would be incredible for this " masters of melody" !!! Don't cha know

  4. Are those 'Mad Balls' in the background?

  5. (Tear the roof off the sucker Ian) Give up the funk !!! 😛

  6. the first riff sounds a lot like it was borrowed from the Beatles Norwegian Wood

  7. Oh yeah Homework is great. Their next album was completely infectious, though. Don't let the robot turntable theater fool you either, those guys are players with serious chops. The guitar work, which can actually be hard to tell is guitar at times is genius.

    Also, I generally play guitar, but some bass lines I hear are so sweet, with the way they fall in the pocket, that I just gotta learn and groove on em' a bit. "Discovery" had a bunch on there for me. They have real talent for blending groove and melody in some interesting ways.

  8. Wow. Très bien ! Could that be that you have been inspired by our Bastille day this year ? You know that daft punk has been played in front of trump and our president last week on Champs Elysées ?

  9. Haha wow this is so dope. this is perfect to learn how just play and create. The keyboardist from the biscuits covers Daft Punk a lot. Thanks man

  10. Stich! Love it! Cant find your melody contest backing track

  11. Reminded me of the Charlie Daniels Band. "the demons started playing and they sounded like this;" and the awesome bass line under those chords! How about breaking that one down. In the mind of Charlie Daniels.

  12. Jonathan Edwards

    Best lessons on the web. Thanks!!

  13. I'm so so so glad you've shown your breadth of music taste. Daft Punk have written some incredible songs. Thanks for this, grooving now!

  14. FinallyFreshProd

    Can you do a in the mind of about Duane Allman? Maybe dreams?

  15. Speaking of funk how about "In the Mind Of" or "Masters of Melody" with Prince?

  16. It's like you read my mind. I've been stuck on Daft Punk the past month. Also, I'm thinking a good masters of melody could be anything by The Beach Boys. Thanks for the Daft Punk Ian.

  17. kungfumonkeyfluff

    Thanks again mode bro

  18. Unexpected blast from the past, awesome choice, lovin this lesson!

    Here's a few tunes for you to consider

    Queen/Brian may – i want to break free
    Rory gallagher – brute force and ignorance, tatood' lady
    Johnny winter – johnny b goode , still alive and well
    Eric johnson – cliffs of dover
    Don henley – boys of summer
    David bowie – Fame, rebel rebel, lets dance (Bowie has some awesome guitar work woevn into his music)
    Billy diol – white wedding – rebel yell

  19. Great idea! I love the melody line from Veridis Quo from Discovery.

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