Daft Punk – Get Lucky – How to Play the Electric Guitar Funky Rhythm part – Nile Rodgers

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  1. Thanks so much !!!!!!

  2. How do you play the backing track?

  3. This is fking hard

  4. Good job!

  5. Can i ask for its amp setting please☺️

  6. kiss your hand three times repost this on five other videos and look under your pillow

  7. You spent six minutes mansplaining how to strum three chords. SMFH

  8. super great tutorial I followed you throughout the whole thing with my guitar playing along and I was able to pick it up towards the end of the video. after so many years of content I still resort to you to lean something. thank you so much! I could lose myself for hours playing this!

  9. I heard this song on pandora today lol

  10. is this what Nile Rodgers really does?

  11. Please tell me you have chord diagrams somewhere

  12. Can you teach about how to get the funk guitar tone?

  13. this is so fuckin anoyying that i cant fuckin tune my guitar

  14. hello mark, you are awesome, but I think that you talk to much in your videos and those are too long, maybe could be better to compress them, thank you

  15. Beyond Limits Productions

    awesome ….i always loved this rhythm guitar track ..thanks for posting !

  16. is this harder to do on an acoustic?

  17. can you make vdo for the music 'give life back to music' too.

  18. Nice lesson but please don't break it down so much. If people don't know that a B minor chord starts on the 7th fret of the low E string then they shouldn't even be trying this song.

  19. Great pragmatic lesson skills mr guitar man.

  20. Thanks for the post.I had it pretty much figured out,except for a couple of points.BTW<your guitar looks like a 61-61 Relic,.I have the same guitar(61 Relic),and it is dope!No difference from a vintage in terms of resonance,and feel!

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